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4th of July Fireworks Title Sponsor

4th of July Fireworks Title Sponsor


Title Sponsor Newton Park's 4th of July Celebration includes:

  • Heavy social media exposure on Newton Park's Facebook page through posts containing mentions, links, and promotions.
  • Link on as title sponsor of 4th of July Celebration.
  • Mentions during all 4th of July Celebration promotions. 
  • One (1) 4ft X 10ft banner on Newton Park's outer fence facing Old 31 (east side of facility).
  • One (1) 4ft X 10ft banner on Newton Park's outer fence facing State Rd. 4 (north side of facility).
  • One (1) 3ft 4in X 5ft 9in banner on Newton Park's playground fence.
  • One (1) 4ft X 10ft banner on 4th of July Celebration stage.
  • Exposure on Newton Park's full-color, digital LED Marquee for entire 4th of July Celebration promotion.

Please email Vector Image logo to


* Newton Park is a 501(c)(3) *

You can pay online or send a check.


Newton Park

Memo: Sponsorship



Newton Park

21255 State. Rd. 4

Lakeville, IN 46536


Newton Park is a premiere youth-sports facility that serves children by creating opportunities to grow, both physically and mentally, to become better citizens of the community. We are proud to celebrate 16 years of impacting children’s lives at our 40-acre Hall of Fame facility. The 4th of July Celebration Title Sponsorship gives your business/organization the opportunity for heavy social media exposure during all promotions of this much anticipated event. The banners in this sponsorship guarantee being seen by in front of the 250,000+ Newton Park visitors each year. All proceeds go towards directly funding Newton Park's 4th of July Celebration.


Banners are placed around Newton Park at the beginning of April (or upon payment) and are removed toward the end of October.

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