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Choose Your Donation

Choose Your Donation


Choose your donation amount. Enter how much you want to donate (based on $50 increments) in the "Quantity" Box then checkout. You can pay online or send a check.


* Newton Park is a 501(c)(3) *

You can donate online or send a check.


Newton Park

Memo: Sponsorship



Newton Park

21255 State. Rd. 4

Lakeville, IN 46536


* Newton Park is 501(c)(3) *


Newton Park is a premiere youth-sports facility that serves children by creating opportunities to grow, both physically and mentally, to become better citizens of the community. We are proud to celebrate 16 years of impacting children’s lives at our 40-acre Hall of Fame facility. Your sponsorship goes directly toward building Newton Park’s future and creating even more opportunities for children.

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