Per Governor Holcomb’s Phase 3 Guidelines, Newton Park is limited to 100 people in our facility. To help us achieve this, Newton Park is only allowing ONE PARENT/GUARDIAN PER PLAYER during Phase 3 and following our “Designated Field Policy”.

- Gates will open 15 minutes before practice/game times and will end promptly at the designated time. 
- Teams including participants, coaches, and spectators and will go directly to their designated field.

- During practices/games, Newton Park’s bleachers will be open, however we encourage guardians to bring their own chairs to help with social distancing.

- Soccer balls that leave the field will be retrieved by players.  
- Once practice/games are over, participants, coaches, and spectators will immediately leave through Newton Park's gate.

- Please maintain social distancing and refrain from gathering in large groups. 

- Park in Newton Park's West parking lot off Mangus. 

Newton Park follows the current SJC Public Health order 4-2020 and requires a face covering be worn when 6 feet of physical distance cannot be maintained. We ask guests to follow this order for the health and safety of our community . 
Newton Park’s staff will be wearing masks and using hand sanitizer per safety protocol. 

- Our concession stand and bathrooms will be open – please go back to your team’s designated field immediately after.

- Water fountains will not be available.

- Newton Park’s Playground will be closed during games and practices until further notice. 

- Players will not be required to wear face coverings while on the field.

- If any players, coaches, spectators, and/or family members are not feeling well and/or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, Newton Park insists for that player/coach/spectator to stay home.

We know there will be questions and unique circumstances. Please email if you have specific concerns.



Newton Park has two entry points - one from Mangus Drive on the west side of the park and the other off U.S. 31 on the east side (shown at the right). The west entrance features a large 250-car parking area, while the east entrance allows parking for 220 vehicles. Both parking lots are completely paved and striped. Parking is for passenger vehicles only. (No campers, motorhomes or large trucks.) School bus parking in designated areas only. Both lots are fully illuminated with Musco lighting.

Neither Newton Park Inc., Union-North United School Corp., Park Contributors, or Sponsors are responsible for personal injury or property loss or damage which occurs while you or your vehicle are on park premises, including losses allegedly caused by the negligence of Newton Park Inc., Union-North United School Corp., Park Contributors, or Sponsors.

Newton Park's full service concession stand includes a walk-in freezer & cooler for those busy summer weekends. Open during all games! Visit Newton Park's A&M Home Services Soccer Concession Stand and/or our Overstock Central Fireworks Dome Concession Stand!

Menu includes:



Hot dogs

Nachos and cheese

Walking tacos

Ice cream


Sport drinks



And many other treats!



The nucleus of Newton Park is the 60' x 120' office facility located on the west side of the facility, adjacent to the west entrance location. This concrete building serves as the home for restrooms and our A&M Home Services concession facilities for the four combination fields to the west. (Additional restrooms and concession are located on the lower level of the park's Overstock Central Fireworks Golden Dome, centered around our baseball fields.)

Newton Park features large eight foot wide asphalt walking paths that connect all points of Newton Park. Whether you venture to the soccer fields, the ball diamonds or the playground area, you will never have to walk through the dirt at Newton Park. 

The paths also serve as a nature walk through the small woods near the pond on the southwest corner of the facility. The walking path around the facility, open 24 hours a day, equals 1 mile.

The entire facility including the soccer fields, ball diamonds and parking areas are fully illuminated with  Musco lighting for night time competition.


The children's Centier Bank play area is located next to the main buliding, infront of the restrooms, water fountain, and A&M Concession Stand. 

The kids have plenty of room to play in a safe, fenced in padded area. 

This is a great place for the kids to "unwind" after their competition or for the littler ones to enjoy when big brother or sister are in competition on one of the many playing fields at Newton Park.

The playgroung includes several slides, monkey bars, climbing wall, and an area designed for younger children.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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