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Newton Park Celebrating 15 Years

Left: Bob Newton in 2001 Right: Bob Newton's Grandsons Scotty and Robbie 2020

For Bob and Joyce Newton, founders of Hoosier Racing Tire Corp., what began as a vision quickly turned into a reality that is now carried on by their family.

The pair were married for over 50 years and watched their business grow from a small operation in the back of a horse barn, into at one time the world’s largest race tire company.

All the while, the couple had always wanted to give back to the community that helped their business flourish so abundantly over the years, but just how was the difficult question.

Then it came to them. Why not build a Park for the entire community? “A Place for Kids” where children could safely play.

The dream quickly developed into a reality with ground being broken in 2001 and work continuing until the final touches were put in place in late 2003. What was supposed to take five years, took just a little over 2 years to complete as a result of Bob’s personal drive to see the project completed. Even though events started in 2003 - on May 21st, 2005 Newton Park held their grand opening.

Newton Park features fields for various sports like soccer, baseball, softball, and teeball. The facility also features a 1-mile walking path and fenced in playground along with other wonderful amenities. The fields are lit by 39 Musco lights for the various sporting fields that tower of the Newton Park at 70’ tall. So much so, that some people initially thought planes would mistake Newton Park for a runway at night.

The centerpiece of Newton Park is its “Golden Dome” which is the hub of the ball fields where scoring, announcing, and concessions are located. On a sunny day, the dome shines as bright as the vision the Newtons had for their Park. The final finishing touch was the installation of a 60’ flag pole to proudly display the stars and stripes for all visitors.

Fast forward to 2020, two of the Newton's grandsons, Scotty and Robbie, are on the frontlines of Newton Park improvements.

"I am so proud to be continuing my grandfather's legacy and work the ground the same way he did when Newton Park began," Robbie Newton said.

"Their (Bob & Joyce) dream became a reality," Scotty Merrill said, "We are honored to continue improving Newton Park and continue to provide a place where kids can safely play."

Bob and Joyce had a vision that Newton Park would be a long lasting tribute to their American success story and their family business. Their dream became a reality, has become a community leader and staple where kids play.

Newton Park Summer 2019

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