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Parents Benefit By Coaching Their Kids

By: Shannon McCarty

Life is busy, especially for parents with kids involved in sports.

Between school, practices, games, and everyday life it seems like there is not time! How can parents spend more time with kids while running them everywhere? The answer is simple – COACHING.

There are many benefits to coaching your child’s team!

It can be intimidating to coach if you are not familiar with the sport, but there is still a way to volunteer. Parents who do not feel comfortable enough to take be a head coach can still be assistant coaches – especially in early developmental leagues when keeping the kids engaged is most important. Coaching in any capacity is a great way to acquire knowledge of a sport and build confidence to take on the role of head coach in the future.

Parent coaches also get their workouts in while teaching young athletes new drills and plays. You can definitely count practices and/or games as your daily workout if you are coaching!

Adding the title of coach may seem like an unnecessary addition to your already hectic schedule, but the end season is worth it! There is a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing that, as a coach, you helped mold a small piece of a future generation through sports. And besides, you will most likely be there watching your children.

Coaching is also a great opportunity to create new friendships with other parents!

Newton Park was created for kids but it is also a place where parents can feel like kids again too. LaVille Youth Sports (LYS) Leagues at Newton Park gives children and their parents the chance to be active together. Parent coaches are always needed!

By coaching for LYS at Newton Park, parents get the opportunity to spend more time with their children; be a leader within the community; learn and grow both mentally and physically; and have time in their busy schedule for family fun.

If you feel like you want to make a difference in a child’s life, please consider being a parent coach. You will not regret it!

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