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Keeping Athletes Successful in School and Sports

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

By: Shannon McCarty, Newton Park

Sports help students in school.

Research indicates youth who participate in athletics, whether school or community sports, perform better academically than children who do not.

Overall kids who play sports tend to have better GPA’s, a positive outlook on school, and are more likely to continue their education beyond high school.

Playing youth sports also gives kids the opportunity to be physically active amidst the decrease of recess and physical education classes in schools.

Being a student athlete comes with many responsibilities - so how can kids successfully compete in both academics and athletics?

Here are some tips to balance the busyness of school and sports:

Organization. Planners and calendars are vital when it comes to being a successful student athlete. Writing down all due dates, test days, practices, and game days in advance helps student athletes stay on track.

Time Management. This is the most important aspect of being a student athlete and procrastination is the worst enemy. Finish assignments and study during down time, like in between classes and/or before practices and games. This prevents missing assignments and having to cram for tests.

Weekly Planning. At the beginning of each week, designate time for studying and completing homework. By doing this, the student athlete knows when they will get their school work done and is more likely to have better grades with less stress.

Use Resources. Many schools offer tutors and programs to help students be their best academically. Forming a strong team with teachers also helps athletes reach their full academic potential.

Newton Park was created to help safely prepare children, both physically and mentally, to be better citizens. By hosting numerous youth leagues and high school sporting events we cater to student athletes through efficient scheduling and a safe, family friendly environment. When school is done, Newton Park is a place for kids to play sports with classmates and friends.

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