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Newton Park's Kevin Christy Hall of Fame Inductee

Kevin Christy, Newton Park (Left) with Darrell Garbacik, Indiana BPA State Director (right) at Indiana BPA awards Banquet in November 2019.
Kevin Christy (left) with Darrell Garbacik (right) at Indiana BPA awards Banquet in November 2019.

Newton Park’s Kevin Christy is officially an Indiana Baseball Players Association Hall of Fame member.

After working with the Indiana Baseball Players Association for more than 15 years, Christy is being awarded for his dedication to youth baseball.

“In recognition and with deep appreciation for your selfless contributions of time, talent, unwavering support and tireless promotion of Indiana BPA,” Darrell Garbacik, Indiana BPA State Director said during the induction banquet. “Your leadership, passion, and loyalty are beyond measure.”

Christy started his career at Newton Park in 2004 and began partnering with the Indiana BPA in 2005 – right about the time both organizations were taking off. He is a leader not just in the travel baseball world but also a staple in the local youth sports community.

“We are so lucky to have Kevin on our team,” Marge Newton Skaggs, President of Newton Park, said. “His passion for youth sports has helped to grow Newton Park and provide thousands kids with opportunities in sports.”

Newton Park recently hosted a World Series thanks to Christy. In 2019, he expanded upon travel baseball at Newton Park by starting local youth baseball, softball, and tee-ball leagues for the first time. He made sure registration costs were low so every kid had the opportunity to play on Hall of Fame fields.

“Sometimes a Hall of Fame award is something you are given at the end of your career, I feel like I’m right in the middle at best.” Christy said at the awards banquet.

But his impact on youth sports is just getting started.

“I am so proud of Kevin and all of his hard work – he’s like another son to me. I can’t wait to see what he does next to help young athletes and our community,” Skaggs said.

“Looking back on 15 years, if you can find something you love to do and you make it a career, it’s not hard to do every day. I’ve loved every step of it,” Christy said. “Be ready, we have more stuff coming.”

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