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Newton Park Inducted Into National Hall of Fame

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

By: Kim Mishler, Newton Park

Pictured: Marge Newton Skaggs (President, Newton Park), Kevin Christy (Vice President, Newton Park), and Ron Skaggs (Marge's husband) at 2019 Baseball Players Association/National Softball Players Association Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony.

FORT WORTH, TX - Newton Park has been inducted into the National Softball Association/Baseball Players Association Hall of Fame.

This national award celebrates Newton Park’s outstanding contribution, support, and advancement of the National Softball Association and/or Baseball Player Association.

“I am so proud of Newton Park,” Marge Newton Skaggs, President of Newton Park, said. “This park was created by my family for the community because of the need for youth sports.”

Newton Park was built by Bob and Joyce Newton with the mission to create a fun facility to help safely prepare children both physically and mentally, to be better citizens – with a specific focus on sports.

“Everyone has spoken so highly about Newton Park,” Skaggs said. “We are all about family and extremely proud to be recognized as part of BPA’s national family in this way.”

Newton Park was instated into the NSA/BPA Hall of Fame as a Meritorious Facility – serving young baseball and softball players from across the country and internationally for over 15 years. Thousands of baseball players have played on Newton Park’s Hall of Fame fields under the BPA banner and numerous NSA teams have competed in tournaments by the park’s famous golden dome.

This year Newton Park hosted 15 summer tournaments, including a BPA Bronze World Series. The ballpark is always busy and buzzing with baseball and softball teams.

With plans to grow and serve even more young athletes, Newton Park’s Hall of Fame facility is now hosting LaVille Youth Sports softball, baseball, and tee-ball leagues.

Newton Park's Hall of Fame Baseball & Softball Fields.

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